Norveld Nugget —Communication Plan

Poor communication has often been cited as the biggest cause of project failure. A communication plan that is effectively implemented can make all the difference between a project’s success and failure.

Managing projects is really about managing expectations, and effective communication is the key to aligning everyone’s expectations. While you want this alignment, not everyone needs the same type or level of communication.

For example, while executives have a broad range of interest in your project, they don’t have the time or patience for a lot of detail. On the other hand, technical and functional experts may have a narrower interest, but they want a lot of detail in their area. How do you reconcile these two perspectives? You can’t just leave it to chance or habit. You need a plan.

A project communication plan ensures that stakeholders and team members will receive the right information through the right media at the right time. It takes some thought and time to get the right mix of content and delivery methods for the right audience. But the benefits are enormous.

Without effective communication, the expectations of project stakeholders and team members may conflict with the project objectives and threaten project success. A communication plan that keeps all team members and stakeholders informed is the best way to keep expectations aligned and your project on track.

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