The Five Pillars Guidebook

Let’s be honest. Project plans—when they’re even done—are often thrown together just to satisfy a check list. They’re created in silos with little or no integration and are generally ignored until a major crisis hits.

With the Five Pillars Project Guidebook, your project team and stakeholders will always know where the project is, what to expect, and what is expected of them. You’ll maintain a proactive posture, remain one step ahead of any potential problems, and successfully arrive at your project destination.

The Guidebook contains these five harmonized key components to start your project on the Right Track:

Once the Guidebook is completed, you’ll have solid plans that your team can use to deliver a successful project, and we’ll follow up throughout to provide additional support as needed.

If you’re short on resources, we can provide skilled project managers, business analysts, and communication professionals to do the work and keep the project on the Right Track.


The Initiation Plan will guide your project to the agreed-upon outcome, as well as manage everyone’s expectations of what happens along the way.

Our Risk Management approach enables you to identify the risks and develop a plan to help prevent setbacks from happening and quickly get back on track when they do.


We'll help you create and implement a Communication Plan to align stakeholder and team member expectations.


Our Adaptive Project Plan combines aspects of both traditional (waterfall) and Agile methods to provide a clear view of what everyone is doing and when, without the mind-numbing detail of how they’re doing it.


Our Change Control Planning approach enables you to integrate new or updated requirements into your project while balancing the project constraints and target objectives.

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