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Has your project gone off the rails?
Let us help you get it back on the right track!

We’ve been told for decades that about 70% of information technology systems (ITS) projects fail to deliver the expected functionality on time and within budget.

And guess who gets blamed? That’s right, the Project Manager!

You’re a good Project Manager, but maybe the project was doomed from the start. Let us help you address the root cause of most project failures: misaligned expectations of project stakeholders.

We’ll use our tradeoff matrix to align all your stakeholders’ expectations to get your project back on the right track and keep it on the right track.


Start Right — Stay Right

My team met the budget and schedule on our project, but the stakeholders aren’t happy.
They said we didn’t meet their expectations!”

Does this sound familiar?

If you’ve worked on projects, chances are you’ve been there. When there’s a gap between the project deliverables and the expectations, guess who gets blamed? We have a solution that will avoid the gap, eliminate the blame, and put you on the winning side.

Start on the Right track and Stay on the Right track and deliver on expectations throughout the project journey.

Our unique Start Right — Stay Right (SRSR™) approach treats all parts of the project journey as one dynamic system. With harmonized plans and aligned expectations, SRSR™ ensures that you start out faster and stay on track better to deliver project results that will delight all stakeholders.


Deliverable: Project Guidebook

Start your project on the right track and keep it on the right track!

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Let’s be honest. Project plans—if they’re even done—are usually thrown together just to satisfy a check list. They’re created in silos with little or no integration and are usually ignored until a major crisis hits.

The Start Right — Stay Right Project Guidebook is more than the sum of its parts. It’s a set of harmonized components that shapes and aligns the mental model for everyone involved in the project. Your project team and stakeholders will always know where the project is, what to expect, and what is expected. You’ll maintain a proactive posture, remain one step ahead of any potential disasters, and successfully arrive at your project destination.

Working with you, we’ll deliver these components that comprise the Project Guidebook, or teach you how to do your own:

Project Roadmap

The Project Roadmap will guide your project to the agreed-upon outcome, as well as manage everyone’s expectations of what happens along the way.

Risk Management Plan

Our Risk Management approach enables you to identify the risks and develop a plan to help prevent setbacks from happening and quickly get back on track when they do.



We'll help you create and implement a Communication Plan to align stakeholder and team member expectations.


Project Plan

Our Adaptive Project Plan combines aspects of both traditional (waterfall) and Agile methods to provide a clear view of what everyone is doing and when, without the mind-numbing detail of how they’re doing it.


Control Plan

Our Change Control Planning approach enables you to integrate new or updated requirements into your project while balancing the project constraints and target objectives.

How we deliver our services

We provide services and training for Start Right – Stay Right and other project-related services. Contact us to schedule a free one-hour session to determine how we can help.

You may not always have everything you need to get the job done. We’ve been there, and we can help. Whether developing your Project Guidebook, training you in Start Right — Stay Right, or providing guidance and support throughout your project, our senior professionals will help you start on the right track and stay on the right track to meet your stakeholders’ expectations.

Project Guidebook

We’ll do the research and deliver the five harmonized components of the Project Guidebook in just a few weeks at a modest fee. We can also follow up with you to make sure your project is still on track and provide additional support throughout your project.


Our Start Right — Stay Right courses will give you the necessary information and tools to create your own Project Guidebooks. You may find it useful for us to educate your stakeholders about the project process and the importance of aligning expectations.

We also provide training in project management, business analysis, and communication management if you’d like to hone your team’s skills in these areas

Project-related Services

Sometimes your project team doesn’t have all the skill sets you need, and hiring can be time-consuming and costly. We can provide Project Management, Business Analysis, and Communication Management on an outsourced basis at any time during your project.

Product documentation and training are key components of project success. People learn in a variety of ways depending on their learning styles. We’ll develop and deliver content that will help both your end users and your team get the right information at the right time and in the right way.

About Norveld

We have experience and expertise in a variety of disciplines related to IT and software development, including Project Management, Business Analysis, Content Development, and training. We have managed large IT and global software development projects, developed training and education programs, and created eCision™, An application that helps organizations select projects based on their strategy and capabilities.

We developed our Start Right — Stay Right practice as a direct result of our years of experience helping organizations “do the right things and do things right” aligning project deliverables with stakeholder expectations.

Greg Busby

Greg Busby has designed, developed, evaluated, and implemented Information Technology (IT) Systems for over 30 years and has thought about thinking for even longer. He’s worked in industries from fast food, logistics, and health care to higher education. He served in various capacities as a developer, product manager, director of development, and senior consultant. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Cornell University.

For the past 10 years, Greg has concentrated on Business Analysis. He helped found the Business Analysis practice at Cornell and was the lead business analyst, serving as a BA on numerous IT projects and initiatives. He holds a CBAP® designation from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA™) and was a panel member for BA Centers of Excellence at a recent IIBA national conference. Greg contributed a chapter to Business Analysis for Dummies (John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2013) and teaches Business Analysis techniques as a Senior Trainer for B2T Training, a leading BA training firm.

Greg founded Busby Business Analysis, a consulting practice working with higher education, institutional and government clients, and he is currently a Principal at Norveld Business Systems.

Adele Macaskill

An experienced program and project manager, Adele Macaskill has established corporate project management offices, implemented COBIT, and has managed and directed large development teams for clients in IT, Telecommunications, Banking, and Retail.

Most recently she managed large cross functional teams in a merchant-bank environment to implement the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS). Prior to the COVID pandemic, Adele led a technical team to develop and implement Security Policies and Identity and Access Management at a large Canadian Automotive company.

A skilled and versatile instructor, Adele has delivered the George Washington University project management training for ESI International to thousands of individuals across Canada and America. She has mentored many project managers and teams throughout her career and has authored numerous articles on the project management process. Adele is a certified Project Management Professional® and holds a master’s certificate in Project Management from George Washington University. She has served in various leadership positions for the Southern Ontario Chapter of the Project Management Institute, including Vice President of Professional Development and Education.

Lloyd Weber

Lloyd Weber is a content development and communication management professional with decades of experience in the IT and computer industry and has held staff, consulting, and supervisory positions in large, small, and startup organizations. Having worked as a technical information developer, editor, manager, educator-trainer, and consultant, he has produced a wide variety of high-quality content and communication deliverables. His specialty is developing strategies to solve communication and training deficiencies in projects.

Lloyd has taught several communication-oriented courses at the college and university level and holds a master’s degree in Technical Communication from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has won several awards for documentation projects from the Society for Technical Communication (STC), and he has given presentations at STC’s international conference.

In 2010, Lloyd co-founded Norveld. As a Principal, he co-developed eCision™, an application that helps organizations select projects based on their strategy and capabilities and “Start Right – Stay Right,” a practice to align project deliverables with stakeholder expectations.

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