Selecting the Right Projects

Choosing which projects to do is difficult and can be affected by all kinds of negative forces, such as—

Choosing which projects to do is difficult and can be affected by all kinds of negative forces, such as—

  • Lack of information
  • Ad Hoc Decisions
  • Indecision
  • Squeaky Wheel
  • Charisma, Salesmanship
  • Politics & Self Interest
  • Solution of the Day
  • Dominant Player, Intimidation

The result is that many project proposals are approved regardless of merit because of course, they're all important to someone. We start them all with the hope that things will work themselves out, but the truth is that the portfolio may be full of too many projects of questionable value that don’t align with the organization’s strategy or needs. 

And we all know what happens: resources are stretched thin, schedules are slipped, and budgets are blown. Some projects are canceled, and the ones that are completed fail to deliver the expected results. 

We will help your organization select projects based on your organization's strategy and priorities. We'll show you how and why you need to answer these three questions when selecting projects: 

  • Should we do it? 
  • Can we do it? 
  • When do we do it? 

By effectively answering these questions, you will improve both your project success rate and the return on your project resource investment.

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Project Planning and Delivery

Our project planning and delivery approach focuses on aligning stakeholder expectations, on keeping them aligned, and on communicating them throughout your project and organization. When stakeholder expectations are met, the project is a success! 

In other words, we start projects on the right track and keep them on track to reach your desired destination.

Project Planning and Delivery: Start Right — Stay Right

Have any of your projects gone off the rails?
Do you have trouble setting projects up for success?
Are too many projects "completed" but without delivering the expected solution? 

If you’ve worked on projects, chances are you’ve been there. For decades about 70% of business change projects have failed to deliver the expected business results on time and within budget. You can blame the Project Manager, but often the project was doomed from the start.

We address the root cause of most project failures: misaligned expectations of project stakeholders.

The Five Pillars of our unique Start Right – Stay Right practice treat all parts of the project journey as one dynamic system. Our harmonized plan, captured in the Five Pillars Guidebook, will align your stakeholders’ expectations to ensure that your project starts on the right track and stays on the right track to deliver a successful solution.

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The Five Pillars Guidebook

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Let’s be honest. Project plans—when they’re even done—are often thrown together just to satisfy a check list. They’re created in silos with little or no integration and are generally ignored until a major crisis hits.

With the Five Pillars Guidebook, your project team and stakeholders will always know where the project is, what to expect, and what is expected of them. You’ll maintain a proactive posture, remain one step ahead of any potential problems, and successfully arrive at your project destination.

The Initiation Plan will guide your project to the agreed-upon outcome, as well as manage everyone’s expectations of what happens along the way.

Our Risk Management approach enables you to identify the risks and develop a plan to help prevent setbacks from happening and quickly get back on track when they do.


We'll help you create and implement a Communication Plan to align stakeholder and team member expectations.


Our Adaptive Project Plan combines aspects of both traditional (waterfall) and Agile methods to provide a clear view of what everyone is doing and when, without the mind-numbing detail of how they’re doing it.


Our Change Control Planning approach enables you to integrate new or updated requirements into your project while balancing the project constraints and target objectives.

Our services

We provide services, training, and skilled practitioners to help you select, start, and keep your projects on the right track. Contact us to schedule a free one-hour session to determine how we can help.


Project Selection

Sometimes the most difficult decision is which project to do, especially when you have too many choices and not enough resources. Our eCision product and methodology will provide you with a selection process to choose only the highest value projects.

Project Initiation

We’ll do the research and deliver any combination of the Five Pillars you choose, and we’ll follow up during your project and provide additional support as needed.


We provide courses in our Start Right – Stay Right practice, as well as training in project management, business analysis, and communication management

Read more about Training.

Skilled Practitioners

We have a network of skilled project managers, business analysts, and communication professionals who can apply these much-needed services at any time during your project.

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